Accommodation options

Accommodation options

Choosing accommodation can be a major decision in our lives, subject to many competing influences. Do I buy that 4 bedroom house that will take the next 30 years to pay off? Would I rent a 2 bedroom unit? Shall I share an apartment with my friends, or some strangers? Is the house in a safe suburb? Is it close to public transportation, shopping centres, childcare services, hospitals, gyms, cafes, or the university? Do I want this furniture? Is there mobile broadband coverage? …… What is it that affects this decision and makes it different for each of us? This assignment requires you to look at the accommodation choices of three people, and to present an analytical reasoning for differences between them using the theories of personality, motivation and values. Furthermore, you will provide marketing recommendations by applying the theories of learning and memory.

a) Create a list of 5 different accommodation options. Try to include some that aren?t options YOU would like to take but that you know appeal to other people. You might want to refer to real estate websites, newspaper classified ads, or campus message boards while developing this list. You may wish to include indicative renting/selling prices or pictures of the accommodation options you have chosen to include.

b) Interview 3 different individuals and get them to rank the 5 accommodation options in terms of what they would be most and least likely to choose. Provide a summary of how each participant felt about each of the accommodation options when explaining their rankings. Make sure you interview quite different people in terms of age, gender, culture etc to provide more colourful findings and analysis.

c) ANALYSE and COMPARE the responses of your participants using the theories of:

i. Personality
ii. Motivation and values

what is it about each participant that best characterises how their preferences were ranked? What were the major influences causing differences among them?

d) Provide recommendations to a hypothetical marketer of ANY ONE of the accommodation options you discussed ? what are the characteristics of her/his likeliest customers and how might she/he best attract them by applying the theories of learning and memory?